Oberaigner overview


This Austrian company started in 1977 as a Mercedes dealer.

From 1981 on it developed modifications for vans (including diff locks), to make these vehicles better suited for use in the Alps. There first 4-wheel conversion was based on the Mercedes MB 100 van. (in 1988)

Oberaigner group

Today Oberaigner is an industrial group which does have factories in Austria and Germany. It does design and build parts in subcontracting. This includes the production of axles for the Mercedes Sprinter van. At this moment, we do not know if this are the axles for the 4x4 version, or also for other versions.

Oberaigner Powertrain (in Nebelberg) builds transfer cases for the 4-wheel drive (and 6x6) conversions.

The plant in Laage (near Rostock in Germany) is the place where vehicles are modified. It is also the plant which builds the axles for Mercedes.

Over the years, Oberaigner offered modifications for vans from Mercedes, Volkswagen, Opel, Renault and Nissan. It did also build parts for the 4-wheel drive versions of the Mercedes Sprinter and Vito/Viano vans.

6x6 drive

One of the developments done as a subcontractor, was the design of the second axle for the Mercedes G 6x6. (in 2009) This axle does have an integrated transfer case (third diff), to divide the power between the two rear axles in a 60/40 split.

The development of this axle for Mercedes paved the way for their first 6x6 conversion, the Sprinter 6x6. Oberaigner presented the first prototype in 2010. After intensive testing a number of prototypes, the production started in 2012 at their plant in Laage.

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