Ranger and BT-50 6x6 conversion by 6x6 Australia#


6x6 Australia converts the Ford Ranger and Mazda BT-50 into a 6x6 vehicle. The rear suspension is replaced by coil springs.

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6x6 Australia

BT-50 6x6

The company 6x6 started converting 4-wheel drive vehicles into 6-wheelers back in the 1980’s. Many of these conversions are one-off conversions, specifically designed for the customer.

6x6 conversion

The 6x6 conversion of the Ford Ranger and Mazda BT-50 is almost identical. Both vehicles are the result of a joint development between Ford and Mazda. The 6x6 conversion of this vehicle, is built around the legal limits of a car license in Australia. Both the GVM, GCM and maximum trailer weight are the legal limit on an Australian car drivers license.


BT-50 6x6

During the conversion by 6x6 Australia, the frame is cut on top of the rear axle. A 1200 mm long frame section is added in between these frame sections.


The original rear axle is mounted in the third position. The second axle is a modified unit which is sourced externally and does have a pass-through drive. This drives the third axle via a self-locking clutch (centrifugal clutch). Once the wheels of the second axle loose grip, the self-locking clutch locks and the third axle is driven.


BT-50 6x6

The layout of the rear suspension and the drive of the 3the axle is identical to other conversions by 6x6 Australia. The rear axles get coil springs with a load sharing mechanism.


The engines, gearboxes and transfer cases are the stock Ford parts.

Here are the specifications for a dualcab vehicle with a flatbed (or tray). The truckbed weight is around 150 kg.

Mazda BT-50 6x6 Picture credits: 6x6 Australia
Mazda BT-50 6x6
Picture credits: 6x6 Australia