SC Supacat LRV 600 6x6

LRV 600


The SC Supacat LRV 600 is a 6x6 conversion for the SC Supacat LRV 400. It is possible to order the LRV 600 as a conversion kit or a complete vehicle.

The automotive platform is from a Land Rover Discovery 4.

SC Supacat

SC Supacat is a British manufacturer of military vehicles. Their range of vehicles consists of the HMT (nicknamed the Jackal in the UK) 4x4 and 6x6 vehicles. The LRV is a smaller vehicle with a similar body as the HMT.

SC Supacat LRV 600

The LRV is designed as a conversion kit, to convert the LRV 400 into a 6x6 vehicle. Removing the conversion kit is possible. It is also possible to buy the LRV 600 6x6 as a complete vehicle and convert it later into a 4x4 version.

The SC Supacat LRV 400 uses the platform of the Land Rover Discover 4. So it does have a V6 turbo diesel engine, an 8-speed automatic gearbox, permanent 4-wheel drive with a high/low range transfer case and independent suspension on all axles. The LRV 600 modules does also use a Discover 4 rear axle.



SC Supacat LRV 600
Picture credits: SC Supacat