IBEX 6x6


The IBEX 6x6 is the 6-wheel version of the IBEX 4x4. These vehicles use Land Rover running gear and are produced in a low volume. The vehicles are also available as a kit car.


IBEX 6x6

The IBEX is a small volume off-road vehicle build by Foers Engineering Ltd. It is available as a 4x4 or 6x6.

Foers Engineering can deliver the IBEX as a complete vehicle or a kit car for self-build applications. The kit car comes with a body and chassis, but without the engine, gearbox or axles. Refurbished components can be used in a kit car.

Due to its low volume production, the manufacture is able to offer its vehicle in various wheelbases and cab configurations.

These vehicles are designed to run on 35” tyres.

IBEX 6x6

The 6x6 version is available in 3 cab layouts (single, king cab and crew cab) and 6 wheelbases. Other configurations are available on request.

The frame is galvanised, most body panels are from aluminium and the hood/bonnet is made of a composite material.

IBEX 6x6

Engine and gearboxes

The running gear is from Land Rover vehicles, including the V8 petrol and the Ford diesel engines used on later Land Rover defender models. Other engine options are available on request.

The gearboxes and transfer cases are also Land Rover units.


The 3-axle version does have permanent 6x4 drive, the first and second axle (Land Rover units) are driven. The 6x6 drive is selectable. The third axle is drive from a PTO on the transfer case, via a clutch which engages the 6-wheel drive.

IBEX 6x6


Coil springs are used on all axles. The coil springs on the rear axles have no load sharing mechanism, these can be assisted by air suspension.


The IBEX can be delivered with a central mounted winching system, called the Foers vector winching system. This winch can be used from the front and rear of the vehicle.