Dodge WC62 and WC63 6x6



The Dodge WC62 is based on the Dodge WC51. At one point during World War II, the US army did need a vehicle which could carry more soldiers than the WC51 could do. The WC62 was designed as a stretched WC51, with a extra axle.

On the road the WC62 is a 2 wheel drive vehicle. The front axle and the 3the axle can be powered (separately) when driving off-road. So the vehicle can be driven in a 6x2, 6x4 and 6x6 formula.

The WC63 is a WC62 equiped with a Braden MY2 7500 pound winch.

In total 23 092 vehicles (WC62 & WC63) have been build.

After WW II, a large number of these vehicles where used by European armies. (France, Norway, …)

Some of these vehicles did have a second career at local fire brigades.

Restomod vehicles

WC63 resto mod

The Dodge WC62 and WC63 where never sold on the civilian marked. A number of decommissioned army vehicles were converted to civilian vehicles. The cab form a 1950’s power wagon does fit on the the frame of a WC62/WC63.

A number of so called restomod companies offer a restored vehicle on the chassis of a WC62 or WC63. The engine is often replaced by a Cummins 4 cylinder (turbo) diesel or a V8 petrol power plant.

The truck bed on these restomods is custom made to look period correct.


Dodge WC62

Dodge WC63

The WC63 is identical to the WC62, except for the Braden MU2 7,500 pound capacity winch.

Wikipedia article on the Dodge WC series:

Dodge ex-army vehicles used by fire brigedes in the French departement Hérault (in the South of France):

Review restomoded WC63

Dodge WC62

Dodge WC63

WC63 resto mod
Dodge WC63 restomod (Picture credits:

WC63 Fire truck
Dodge WC63 fire truck (in France)