Vromos Hilux 6x6


Vromos converts the Toyota Hilux into a 6x6 pickup trucks. Both rear axles are driven by a second transfer case and the rear axles have leave springs.


Vromos Hilux 6x6


During the conversion, the frame of the Hilux as extended to make space for the third axles.


The second axle does keep its stock leaf spring suspension. The third axle does also use leaf springs. Due to the length of the leaves, the suspension of the third axles is mounted in a narrow track. There is no load sharing between the rear axles.

6x6 drive

The second and third axle driven by a second transfer case, which drives the rear axles by 2 prop shafts.

The Youtube channel van the manufacture does also show a test drive of an older Toyota 4 Runner 6x6 dual cab conversion. Given the fact this old generation 4 Runner was based on the Hilux, is should be a very similar conversion.

The final product:

The testdrives:

4 Runner 6x6