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Six Wheeler conversions offers 3-axle conversions for various pickup trucks. This conversion stretches the frame of donor vehicle to add a tag axle. (not driven) The current model line-up is based on the Ford Ranger, Mazda BT-50, Isuzu D-Max, Toyota Land Cruiser 79 and the Volkswagen (VW) Amarok.



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This conversion adds an extension to the rear of the original frame. A subframe mounted on top of the frame caries the tray (truck bed) and acts as a reinforcement of the stretched frame.


The base vehicle keeps its original leaf suspension on the driven rear axle. An additional leaf spring connects both the rear axles and pivots around a central pivoting point. This mechanism provides a load sharing between the rear axles. Due to the fact the second axles keeps its original leaf suspension, the weight distribution over the rear axles is uneven. It should have a weight distribution of around 60/40. (60% of the weight on the driven second axle).

The extra weight on the second axle provides additional grip for the driven rear axle and a sorter turning circle. The vehicle does have less understeer, thanks to the 60/40 weight distribution on the rear axles.

Ford Ranger SixTrak

Six Weeler Conversions built the first Ford Ranger SixTrax in December 2017.

The vehicle is a Ford Ranger 4x4 converted into a 6x4 tag axle (lazy axle) configuration.

The tube (truck bed) is custom made by Six Wheeler conversions. It is made out of a steel frame with a checker plate floor and a fiberglass skin. Only the tailgate and the rear lights are stock Ford parts.


The driveline of the vehicles is stock.


6 wheeler
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The Six Wheeler Ford Ranger SixTrak Six wheeler SixTrak
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Six wheeler SixTrak
Image credits: Six Wheeler Conversions

Six wheeler SixTrak
Image credits: Six Wheeler Conversions