Toyota Hilux HILOAD 6x6 by Pickup Systems


Hilux 6x6 by Pickup Systems

Pickup systems presented the Hilux HILOAD 6x6 conversion at the 2018 Commercial Motor Show in Birmingham (24-26 April 2018).

This conversion replaces almost the entire frame. The rear axles have air-suspension.

Pickup Systems

Hilux 6x6 by Pickup Systems The British company Pickup Systems LTD is a specialist in the design, development and manufacture of light commercial vehicle solutions for Fire & Rescue, overhead power-line and arborist/maintenance applications which are based on the Toyota Hilux 4x4 pickup.

The 6x6 version is available as a category 3 airport fire & rescue vehicle and is offered as a complete vehicle by Pickup Systems.



Hilux 6x6 frame by Pickup Systems

The frame is a new design, which is extended by 1 metre (1000 mm) The front cross-members are carried over from the original frame, to retain the VIN-number of the donor vehicle. This new frame is 10% heavier than the original Toyota frame.

The vehicle is in the United Kingdom homologated at a GVM of 5610 kg.

Suspension and axles

The vehicle keeps the Toyota independent front suspension layout, which can handle a higher axle load. This upgrade includes uprated towers (on the frame) and spindles. The rear suspension is a new design. Both the stock rear axles have air suspension with load-sensors to adjust the ride height. Hydraulic bump stops assist the air suspension when the vehicle drives off-road.

6x6 drive

Hilux 6x6 by Pickup Systems

A second transfer case mounted behind the original one, which powers both the rear axles. Inside this transfer case sits a ‘Torsen-style’ differential with locking function. It means the differential in the second transfer case does have helical gears. Under normal driving conditions, it splits the power over the two rear axles. The locking function means the transfer case can lock itself when one of the rear axles loses all traction. This is not a standard feature of helical gears. Specific implementations do have a locking mechanism. One of these sits in the transfer case.

The original transfer case drives the front axle via a selectable front wheel drive. The vehicle is still rear-wheel drive on paved roads.


The front brakes have 6-piston callipers and uprated brake pads. The rear axles keep the stock brakes. All 3 axles have ABS brakes.




PickUp Systems Hilux 6x6
Toyota Hilux 6x6 by Pickup Systems (Picture credits: 6x6 Hilux Hiload)

PickUp Systems Hilux 6x6

Toyota Hilux 6x6 by Pickup Systems (Picture credits: 6x6 Hilux Hiload)

PickUp Systems Hilux 6x6
Toyota Hilux 6x6 by Pickup Systems (Picture credits: 6x6 Hilux Hiload)