Ford F-75 6x6


The Ford F-75 is a vehicle build by Ford Brazil. The vehicle is based on a design by Willys Overland. Ford did get this design when took over Willy-Overland do Brasil S.A in 1967.

Its design is based on the Willys Jeep Sation Wagon. The Willys Pickup for the Brazilian market was introduced in 1961. It was later renamed to Ford F-75. The F-75 did stay in production till 1981.

The vehicle was offered with a pair of inline-six engines, with a displacement of 2.6L and 3.0L. These engine ware replace by a 2.3L 4-cylinder engine in 1975.

6x6 version

This 6x6 conversion was build for the Brazilian army. Both the rear axles have a dedicated prop shaft and are permanently driven (6x4), the front axle can be driven in low range (6x6). It is not clear which company did convert this vehicles. Some sources indicate the vehicle does have the same transfer case a the Mercedes 1213 6x6, which is also a local conversion for the Brazilian army.

One of the vehicle in the youtube clips does have a V8 diesel engine. It is not clear if this is the original engine or a conversion by the second owner of the vehicle.